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Nothing Much here

Monday, November 27th, 2006

a few things happened this past weekend, but I will write about that later. right now, this is my friend Chris with beer goggles. oh, and an interesting sign I saw at an elementary school here in Japan.


Random weirdness.

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

My friend sent me this link. I figured Id share.

Random Link
also, random pic of some Engrish i took.


Japanese Tongue Twisters

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Yesterday instead of doing all my homework, I sat down with some of my Japanese friends, and we went through both english and Japanese Tongue Twisters (早くち言葉). I’ll list some of them here (you might want to install asian fonts). also. if you know of any other english ones, aside from the peter piper, fuzzy wuzzy, the woochuck one, and the rubber baby buggy bumpers, please leave them as a comment.


takeyabuni take takekaketa nowa take takekaketakattakara take takekaketano desu.


namamugi namagome namatamago.


toukyo tokkyo kyokakyoku


basu gasu bakuhatsu (say it 3 times fast)


tonari no kyoku wa yoku kaki kuu kyaku da

there were some others too, but I lost the paper. 🙁

the News today

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

so, I was reading the news on today, and noticed that the croc hunter died the other day. Yea, i was a little dissapointed. but what got to me was the insane amount of random attention this was getting, not in the entertainment news, but Asian world news! like 7 stories were all about the Croc Hunter! and there were like 8 stories with other more relevant news. seriously. half the stories about the crazy crocodile man?!?
oh. also my sister said she had a great Mac and Cheese Recipe, and I’ll post it here (along with pics, if i get it to come out nicely)