Snow, snow, snow.

So when I left Boston to go to California last week, it was 9 degrees and there was 4 fresh inches of snow on the ground. The taxi on he way to the airport broke down and I had to get a second cab. Then apparently when I’m in Cali, the snow melts and it’s 50 degrees here. I flew back yesterday night, and the temperature is back in the 20s and we just had 10 inches of snow fall today!

But such is life in Boston. I’m headed for Toronto for a day next week, so I’ll see if there’s anything to take a picture of. Meanwhile my friend Nicole (Hi Nicole!) rocks so much, she told me about this “meet friends” kinda site and I figured I’d join. (it helped when she sent me a link to a “cute girl” but I had to register to look at profiles). Anyways, I joined it. This is the first time I bothered with one of these kinds of sites, but it’s mostly asian apparently, so thats good.

Anyway here are a few random pics I took in Japan. I was going through all my old pics looking for pics of myself and found these and figured I’d share. I’m also including some more nature-oriented pics i took in San Fran.

[inspic=192,left,fullscreen,thumb,:oldrndjp] [inspic=193,left,fullscreen,thumb,:oldrndjp] [inspic=196,left,fullscreen,thumb,:oldrndjp] [inspic=195,left,fullscreen,thumb,:oldrndjp] [inspic=194,center,fullscreen,thumb,:oldrndjp]

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