Weekend in San Francisco

I was really lucky and was able to spend a weekend in San Francisco. My company sent me out here for a few days, and I’m supposed to be in Orange County the following week, so I was able to spend the weekend hanging out with my friend Malachi in San Francisco. My buddy moved out here after he graduated from school, and I called him up and he let me crash at his place for the weekend. Even though he was really busy, he took the time to walk with me and play tourist in the city. I used my new camera and took a ton of pictures. I used the panoramic function to take some larger pics that I was able to put together with the software that was included with the camera.

the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Bay

a view over San Fran from the Presidio

the lagoon by the wharf

Here are a few other pics from the trip. I may add some more later because I took tons, but I don’t want to overwhelm you all right now.

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