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Monday, May 11th, 2009

Sorry for the delay… Life’s been hectic. Lots of personal drama, lots of work, and of course, this economy. But I’m still trying to get stuff up, and will continue to do so… even though not many ppl actually read this….

I have some pics here from a trip I was able to take to SF this past fall. Since I stayed the weekend, I was able to get the local sales guy to score me tix to the 49’ers game (Thanks, Josh)! For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been a 9ers fan since I was like 6. And this was my first NFL game I’ve actually attended. The 9ers played the Patriots (yes, I know I live in Boston now…) and unfortunately lost, but during the halftime they retired Steve Young’s jersey!

Finally the local engineer drove me to Sacramento to work at a customer, and I saw this sign on the drive up… so on the way back, I had him turn around and we drove past the sign again, just so I could take a pic. Let’s all thank Mike for humoring me 🙂


Yay for bandwidth!

Monday, May 26th, 2008

I got Verizon FiOS this past weekend and it’s jetting!


I doubt you all care what else happened since InterOp, but if you do, click “more”.


InterOp is Over

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

So InterOp is finally over. Next week is a relaxation week; I don’t have much scheduled. This past week in Vegas was fun, busy, stress-filled, and sleepless. I spent a lot of the week in the NOC (~12 hours a day). In the evenings I met up with some of out customers, OSH or Orchard Supply Hardware who have become really good friends of mine. Their chief architect introduced me to pai gow, and I spent a lot of time playing that game with them. Believe it or not pai gow helped me make up for my losses at the blackjack table, though most days I did pretty well at blackjack. just one night killed me (I was down quite a bit). My co-worker, Greg, also introduced me to roulette (which I didn’t do well at, and subsequently don’t like all that much). Overall I was up though, which is a good thing.
My last day there, all my co-workers went out to a nice dinner at R & M seafood (int he Mandalay Bay). this was actually a really good restaurant, and they had a good sake selection. Having sake is reminding me of how much I actually miss being in Japan.

InterOP Break II

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

I didn’t wrap up the last time. After InterOp Hotstage I was able to spend the weekend in San Fransisco. It was rather nice, I was able to go golfing, and I ate some of the best raamen I’ve had outside of Japan. While I was back in San Fransisco for the weekend I also decided to stop by Japantown again for lunch. I just happened to stumble upon the beginning of the cherry blossom festival (as pictured below). I wish I was there for the following weekend, as they had the 神輿 (portable japanese shrines) around the city. I had a great time when i saw them in Japan. I saw on JTV people taking these shrines and running down the street with them tearing into buildings, ripping off balconies, and causing destruction and mayhem. ながおかさん said that they were probably 関西人 (south western japanese) because they’re “crazy” down there.

Finally I was also able to make it back into Chinatown (mainly to do my お土産 (gift) shopping). While I was there I bought my grandmother some really good tea (if you know her, don’t tell her yet. I’m going back to DC in a few weeks to give it to her) and happened upon Golden Gate Bakery, where they have “world famous” (according to my boss) dantat (egg custards). So I bought a box of a dozen to bring back for my co-workers and my friends back in Boston.

[inspic=210,left,fullscreen,thumb,:sfraamen][inspic=206,left,fullscreen,thumb,:sfraamen][inspic=208,left,fullscreen,thumb,:sfraamen] [inspic=207,left,fullscreen,thumb,:sfraamen][inspic=209,left,fullscreen,thumb,:sfraamen]

InterOp Break. fun video time.

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Ok. Normally I don’t embed video from other sites, but this one I felt I had to embed. (you need to view the full post to see the video)

Meanwhile work is busy as usual. I leave Tuesday to go to Toronto before I head to vegas on Thursday. Then this weekend is all InterOpNet before the show the following week. I’ll get pics up of Toronto and Vegas up soon.

Snow, snow, snow.

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

So when I left Boston to go to California last week, it was 9 degrees and there was 4 fresh inches of snow on the ground. The taxi on he way to the airport broke down and I had to get a second cab. Then apparently when I’m in Cali, the snow melts and it’s 50 degrees here. I flew back yesterday night, and the temperature is back in the 20s and we just had 10 inches of snow fall today!

But such is life in Boston. I’m headed for Toronto for a day next week, so I’ll see if there’s anything to take a picture of. Meanwhile my friend Nicole (Hi Nicole!) rocks so much, she told me about this “meet friends” kinda site and I figured I’d join. (it helped when she sent me a link to a “cute girl” but I had to register to look at profiles). Anyways, I joined it. This is the first time I bothered with one of these kinds of sites, but it’s mostly asian apparently, so thats good.

Anyway here are a few random pics I took in Japan. I was going through all my old pics looking for pics of myself and found these and figured I’d share. I’m also including some more nature-oriented pics i took in San Fran.

[inspic=192,left,fullscreen,thumb,:oldrndjp] [inspic=193,left,fullscreen,thumb,:oldrndjp] [inspic=196,left,fullscreen,thumb,:oldrndjp] [inspic=195,left,fullscreen,thumb,:oldrndjp] [inspic=194,center,fullscreen,thumb,:oldrndjp]

My Doggie

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Since there were no pics in my last post, I’m posting pics of the family dog, Maddie (short for Madelene or however you spell it). I miss her; she’s currently at my mom’s house. My mom was going to let me have her and bring her up here to Mass, but I’m not home all that much, some days I come back really late, and I sometimes get sent on business trips at the last minute, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to take care of her as much as necessary. 🙁


If anyone is still reading this…

Friday, January 18th, 2008


This week has been crazy busy. I was in New Jersey this week for work, and that didn’t go so well, but I was able to see a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a few years. We hung out a bunch 8 years ago now, and then life took over. But we met up in NYC and had dinner which was cool.

Anyway the pictures this time are….. Raamen! I do miss good raamen that you can find almost anywhere in Japan. Here in Boston there are 2 places which serve ok raamen, Sapporo Raamen in Porter Exchange, Cambride, and Ken Raamen, in the Super 88 in Alston. So raamen and some random pictures I found amusing on my Kyoto/Osaka/Nara trip last year. ラーメンはおいしいそう。。。


ただいま! (I’m back)

Monday, January 14th, 2008

超すみませんでした! Sorry I’ve been gone so long. But I’m sure not that many people actually visit this page, so no one probably missed me. but I got back from Japan a year ago exactly. And since I’ve been back a lot of stuff has happened. Let’s see…. a brief recap: I graduated from college (finally), moved, got a great job, and have been keeping busy working. I’m a pre-sales systems engineer specializing in network security working for a leading networking company.

I do really love my job, however I miss being in Japan. I’ve been talking to my boss, and I think he knows I’d love to move back. One of the things they mentioned when I was hired on is that I may be relocated, which I don’t mind as long as it’s somewhere I’d actually want to live (aka Alaska is out of the question). My current top choices (in no specific order) are San Fransisco, Vancouver, back to Tokyo, and possibly Seattle. As far as the likelihood that I might move to one of those places, well… your guess is as good as mine.

I’ve been training since I’ve been back, and hopefully soon I’ll get some good pictures for everyone to see. So meanwhile I’ll post some I have lying around of my side trip to Kyoto. Osaka and Nara pics are coming.



Classes are Owari!

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Sorry I haven’t posted much of anything lately. Life has been busy. Classes are over for me; the date for me to return to the US is quickly approaching. I’ve been immersed in the mundane routine of class, aikido, and sleep. there isn’t much time for anything else, it seems. as such, I haven’t taken a whole lot of pictures or video lately.

Obirin’s Aikido club had training camp for the first week in december. So we stayed in a building on campus all week, got up early, and trained in the morning, had afternoon practice as usual, then after dinner, we had evening training. All in all it was an interesting experience, and I sorta liked it. we all stayed in a big Tatami room and slept on futon. surprisingly, futon on tatami is rather firm, and my back had trouble adjusting to the much more firmer sleeping surface. As discussed in one of my classes here (Contemporary studies on Japan) everyone co-slept in one room. It was sorta like being back in the army, just much more relaxed. I hear westerners have problems with it, but the experience didn’t bother me much at all.

Also I added some backdated posts I meant to add some time ago. just fyi.