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Disaster Strikes…

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Sorry for the lack of new stuff… this post, however, will not be a fun post. This last week my Mom was complaining about chest pains, and shortness of breath, so my cousin (who just happens to be a cardiologist) told my mom to see her doctor. My mom went on Monday and everything was fine until they did a stress test. a minute or so into the stress test they pulled her off and immediately scheduled a catheterization on Wednesday. She went in for that and they found it was much worse than they thought. Friday morning my mom had to go in for triple bypass surgery. Luckily my cousin (the cardiologist) was able to pull some strings and was able to get the best heart surgeon on the east coast. he apparently doesn’t do many heart surgeries, because he now teaches and runs departments lately, but I’ve been told that he did it as a favor to my cousin.

Everything went well, and my mom’s surgery went well. The procedure ended early which is a good sign as there were no complications. She’s now recovering at Washington Hospital Center. I flew down as soon as I heard, but I have to go back to Boston tomorrow night for work. I will be flying back here the following week, when my Mom gets out of the hospital, and I’ll be taking a week off of work to stay with her initially.

Hopefully I’ll be posting more fun things soon; I’m leaving for Vegas again at the beginning of August cuz I’m headed to Blackhat!


Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Not much of a post this time, but I jut found out that my email hasn’t been working. I’m not sure when it stopped working, but I fixed the problems and I can receive email again. oh happy day <g>. I even addedthis email account to my blackberry, though I may change that if I start getting too much spam.

So I’m back in Boston again, and majorly jet-lagged.  I’m leaving for Toronto next week before I head to Las Vegas for InterOp. If you’re around, feel free to stop by the NOC. I’ll be the guy who is either majorly stressed and trying to locate people on the network, or the guy who is doing nothing because we built our network bulletproof. only time will tell…

oh. also, Forbidden Kingdom opens tomorrow.

InterOp Hotstage 08!

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Sorry I haven’t been around for much of the past month. My company is providing the infrastructure and security for InterOp Net, the network of the InterOp trade show which is one of the largest networking trade shows around. For the geeks of you out there, we have our own public class A network, which means we own 1/255 of all the public IPs in the world. So I’ve been here for the past few weeks, working 12-14 hour days getting this network set up. My company is lending several million dollars worth of equipment to this show, and we’re only one of several vendors. Thats how big this show is.

I’m back in the San Fransisco bay area in Belmont, CA. We’re basically working out of a huge warehouse setting up the network. We’re even working on weekends; I’m actually in the warehouse right now, because we’ve finished with most of the network. so I decided to get online, write up a post and throw up some pictures. This is my company’s first time to this show, but I’ve been told from several people who’ve been at past shows, that this is the most technologically advanced network primarily thanks to the security tools and visibility my company is bringing to the network. People seem excited to see how this will go, and I am too. At the show itself, I’ll be working in the NOC (Network Operations Center), so stay tuned and I’ll bring some pictures back. Meanwhile, the live feed of hotstage is available for viewing. you may even be able to see me on the camera if you look hard enough (and I’m in the warehouse). we have two webcams. Webcam 1 and Webcam 2. no guarantees on how long these links will be active.

While I was out here, I was able to go to the Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament, which is basically the Wushu nationals. I saw a lot of stuff and took a bunch of video, and will probably put it up here when I have time (which at this rate will be in several years).

meanwhile here are pics of our network. lots of fun.

[inspic=202,left,fullscreen,thumb,:IOPHtStage] [inspic=201,left,fullscreen,thumb,:IOPHtStage] [inspic=200,left,fullscreen,thumb,:IOPHtStage] [inspic=205,left,fullscreen,thumb,:IOPHtStage] [inspic=203,left,fullscreen,thumb,:IOPHtStage] [inspic=204,left,fullscreen,thumb,:IOPHtStage] [inspic=198,left,fullscreen,thumb,:IOPHtStage] [inspic=197,left,fullscreen,thumb,:IOPHtStage] [inspic=199,center,fullscreen,thumb,:IOPHtStage]

Rocking J-games

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

I got the new version of Pop’n Music for my Japanese PS2. When I was in Japan, I really got into this game called Pop’n Music. at that time Pop’n Music Fever (14) was in arcades. I played so much that I ended up buying the controller and the games to practice on. Now that I’m back in the US, I play it on my PS2. I also bought a new camera, a Canon SD750. It seems pretty cool, and I’m going to San Fransisco for a week so I’ll take pics and see how they all turn up.


Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Another overdue picture update. About a month ago, I was really annoyed, so Monica and I decided to get out and travel somewhere random. We ended up going to Hachioji, and These are pics from the trip. Apparently we wandered off into the middle of nowhere and ended up at the temple they buried a bunch of the Emperors at.

Again, descriptions are still coming.


Back in action

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Hi all, I’m back. To make a long story short, my last webhost decided to terminate my account, and didn’t respond to any emails or anything. So I ended up getting another webhost, This should be good for 4 years, so we’ll see. Anyway, I’m going to Japan in 2 weeks, and can’t wait. Stick around for pics and videos and other stuff I decide to post.