Disaster Strikes…

Sorry for the lack of new stuff… this post, however, will not be a fun post. This last week my Mom was complaining about chest pains, and shortness of breath, so my cousin (who just happens to be a cardiologist) told my mom to see her doctor. My mom went on Monday and everything was fine until they did a stress test. a minute or so into the stress test they pulled her off and immediately scheduled a catheterization on Wednesday. She went in for that and they found it was much worse than they thought. Friday morning my mom had to go in for triple bypass surgery. Luckily my cousin (the cardiologist) was able to pull some strings and was able to get the best heart surgeon on the east coast. he apparently doesn’t do many heart surgeries, because he now teaches and runs departments lately, but I’ve been told that he did it as a favor to my cousin.

Everything went well, and my mom’s surgery went well. The procedure ended early which is a good sign as there were no complications. She’s now recovering at Washington Hospital Center. I flew down as soon as I heard, but I have to go back to Boston tomorrow night for work. I will be flying back here the following week, when my Mom gets out of the hospital, and I’ll be taking a week off of work to stay with her initially.

Hopefully I’ll be posting more fun things soon; I’m leaving for Vegas again at the beginning of August cuz I’m headed to Blackhat!

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