Installing Asian Fonts onto Your Computer

To install asian fonts on your computer you can use the following links:

Microsoft Global Input Method Editors (IMEs)

A good tutorial to Install East Asian Fonts. This is the one that I used.
A pretty good resource for install asian fonts.

Wikipedias site

Some other tutorial

Lastly, How to type

For other questions, or Mac info you can look here

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  1. […] Yesterday instead of doing all my homework, I sat down with some of my Japanese friends, and we went through both english and Japanese Tongue Twisters (早くち言葉). I’ll list some of them here (you might want to install asian fonts). also. if you know of any other english ones, aside from the peter piper, fuzzy wuzzy, the woochuck one, and the rubber baby buggy bumpers, please leave them as a comment. […]

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