InterOP Break II

I didn’t wrap up the last time. After InterOp Hotstage I was able to spend the weekend in San Fransisco. It was rather nice, I was able to go golfing, and I ate some of the best raamen I’ve had outside of Japan. While I was back in San Fransisco for the weekend I also decided to stop by Japantown again for lunch. I just happened to stumble upon the beginning of the cherry blossom festival (as pictured below). I wish I was there for the following weekend, as they had the 神輿 (portable japanese shrines) around the city. I had a great time when i saw them in Japan. I saw on JTV people taking these shrines and running down the street with them tearing into buildings, ripping off balconies, and causing destruction and mayhem. ながおかさん said that they were probably 関西人 (south western japanese) because they’re “crazy” down there.

Finally I was also able to make it back into Chinatown (mainly to do my お土産 (gift) shopping). While I was there I bought my grandmother some really good tea (if you know her, don’t tell her yet. I’m going back to DC in a few weeks to give it to her) and happened upon Golden Gate Bakery, where they have “world famous” (according to my boss) dantat (egg custards). So I bought a box of a dozen to bring back for my co-workers and my friends back in Boston.

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