InterOp here we come!

Down the home stretch, I arrived at InterOp today. Aside from the hectic schedule, I’m hoping to be able to get to some poker tables and some blackjack tables either tomorrow night or next week when the conference winds down. My company put me up in the Mandalay Bay for the next week and a day, so I’ll probably be working through the weekend. The room is actually really nice, and it’s times like these I wish I had a girlfriend who could come with me and stay while my company pays for the trip to Vegas (winkwink).

[inspic=211,left,fullscreen,thumb,:InterOproom][inspic=212,left,fullscreen,thumb,:InterOproom][inspic=217,left,fullscreen,thumb,:InterOproom] [inspic=219,left,fullscreen,thumb,:InterOproom][inspic=215,left,fullscreen,thumb,:InterOproom][inspic=213,left,fullscreen,thumb,:InterOproom] [inspic=216,left,fullscreen,thumb,:InterOproom]

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