InterOp is a Go!

Alright. I’m here in the InterOp NOC and the network is all online. After several extremely long days, tempers flaring, and frustration abound everything has finally stabalized. Now that I have a free moment, I figured I’d stop by and leave a posting. No pic this time, but I have some interesting ones I took while I was in Toronto and I’ll get pics from InterOp here.

One of the team leads here, “Padre” is apparently going to feature one of our products on his webcast/website and asked me to appear on the webcast. Padre is one of the main people at, so I may appear there in the near future. Padre also maintains all the webcams here, and I have been informed that there are a total of 8 webcams for you all to enjoy. Here are the addresses. Some are fixed cameras, and some are navagatible, however if someone else is controlling them, please don’t fight over control and wait your turn.  

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