InterOp is Over

So InterOp is finally over. Next week is a relaxation week; I don’t have much scheduled. This past week in Vegas was fun, busy, stress-filled, and sleepless. I spent a lot of the week in the NOC (~12 hours a day). In the evenings I met up with some of out customers, OSH or Orchard Supply Hardware who have become really good friends of mine. Their chief architect introduced me to pai gow, and I spent a lot of time playing that game with them. Believe it or not pai gow helped me make up for my losses at the blackjack table, though most days I did pretty well at blackjack. just one night killed me (I was down quite a bit). My co-worker, Greg, also introduced me to roulette (which I didn’t do well at, and subsequently don’t like all that much). Overall I was up though, which is a good thing.
My last day there, all my co-workers went out to a nice dinner at R & M seafood (int he Mandalay Bay). this was actually a really good restaurant, and they had a good sake selection. Having sake is reminding me of how much I actually miss being in Japan.

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