So, no one probably reads this anymore, and I’m sorry I’ve dropped off the grid, but I’ve been really busy. Work has been taking over my life. and with all that hard work, I’ve finally been rewarded (I think) and my company moved me back to Asia! I’m now living in Singapore, and while it’s pretty hot and expensive, the food is great, the people are friendly (the girls are cute) and I do like it in Asia more than being in the US of A. All the food is pretty good, bad restaurants don’t survive for long, and food can be surprisingly cheap. I’ve even found a new favorite that pushes my beloved ramen to the wayside. but more on that later.
After moving in to my new place, the first step was to get a bed and somewhere to sleep. The second step… get my kitchen in order. I passed up on it for a long time, but I figured I have to start from (mostly) scratch again, so what the heck, and bought a chamber vacuum sealer and sous vide machine. I spent WAY too much on it, as it was more expensive than the same stuff in the US, but I bit the bullet and ordered them.

Then I spent way too much time and several trips to Temple Street in Chinatown. My new favorite place is Sia Huat, which is a professional kitchen store. Yes, they sell to restaurants, and the whole street has shop after shop after shop.

So after a month and a half of being in Singapore and eating nothing but local food, I did start to miss some american food, namely a good burger. I’m not talking fast food, but a good steakhouse burger that is nicely pink all the way through. So I made a trip to a butcher/deli that I found online and then proceeded to poke around and buy all sorts of meat. (the guy behind the counter even asked if I studied meat, because of the cuts I was asking).

I went out and bought some brisket and top round (I was looking for chuck) and I debated on buying some short rib as well to throw into the mix, but I figured it was a lot of meat already, so I left it out. Back home I had a coworker in for the day (he had spent the previous 2 weeks working here from the UK) and I treated him to the best burger I’ve had since arriving in Singapore. I ground my own meat, and then made patties, vacuum sealed them then into the sous vide machine they went, 57 C for 4 hours.

Sous vide burgers

Pulled them out, they really didn’t look like much outside the bag.

Sous vide out of the bag

But I seasoned and then seared on the grill for maybe a minute each side.

Grillin away!
Assembled them with lettuce, tomato, and some pickled red onions I made while waiting for them to sous vide (quick pickling with the vacuum chamber is freaking insane) and then I couldn’t wait to take a bite. So I did before even leaving the kitchen.
This looks nice...Heaven

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