Sloppy Jessicas

So I was watching all the episodes for Brooklyn Nine-Nine over (I introduced my intern to Brooklyn Nine-Nine and he watched all of them in like 3 days) and towards the end of Season 1 Gina eats a Sloppy Jessica: Mac-and-cheese, Chili, and Pizza on a bun. I actually thought that wouldn’t taste too bad, even though it is a little indulgent. Of course finding good regular mac-and-cheese here in Singapore is a bit tough (it’s always truffle mac and cheese here), let alone chili, I went and googled how other people did it. I found that they all cut a lot of corners and basically just made chili-mac and put it on a bun. So I figured I’d do it right and see how it is.

Cold Storage across the street from me had all the ingredients and I went and picked up everything I’d need. Chili itself is pretty easy, mac-and-cheese is also rather easy as is spaghetti sauce, so I figured the 3 of them together would be fine. I typically let my chili and spaghetti sauce simmer for an hour or two to slow cook the meat and get some great flavors, so I started the spaghetti sauce (with meatballs so I can make meatball sandwiches later) and then moved onto the chili. I do cheat a bit and buy jarred spaghetti sauce, but I brown my meat in a pan first, and then saute fresh garlic and onion (and season with salt/pepper) before adding the jar of sauce and extra oregano/thyme to the sauce and let that simmer for a while.

Chili is really simple, though I don’t get too complex like some people would (and I put kidney beans in mine. Some people think this is sacrilegious). Brown the beef with chili powder (I didn’t get enough beef, but ground beef is rather expensive here in Singapore). Also ground beef here in Singapore is rather lean, so I also added in some olive oil, which helped when I added the garlic and onion next. After that a can of peeled and a can of diced tomatoes, rinsed kidney beans, and enough beef stock to keep everything nice and moist. I love chili powder so I put more of that in, along with some cayenne pepper, paprika, and salt/pepper. Cover and simmer.

While everything was simmering I sat down and watched another episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 😀

An hour or so later I started on my Bechamel. Make a roux, and add milk slowly while whisking. Season with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Let thicken.


Chili on Left, Pizza sauce on top right and Bechamel on bottom right

I was worried that the sandwich would be too soggy/watery with the chili, so I only used half the Bechamel I made and added the cheese (Cheddar) to that. I figured once I mixed the two the thicker cheese sauce would help solidify the thinner chili.


Cheese sauce is ready!

When that was ready I boiled water for the macaroni and preheated my oven to 160C (320F). When the pasta went in, I prepped the buns and put them in the oven.


Sauced Buns


…now with cheese!

This way once the pasta was done and mixed with the cheese sauce, the buns would be done and ready. and the timing worked out almost perfectly.


Here’s the Pizza on a bun


Mac and Cheese is ready!


Chili is ready

Now all thats ready is to mix and assemble. I decided to mix the chili and mac and cheese separately, so I could enjoy them separate later if I so desire. As usual with me, with all this food and just me to eat, there will be lots of leftovers.


Ready to Mix


Mixed! now ready to assemble


Putting everything together

These came out great, actually. and were really tasty. The only think I would change for next time would be to add more meat to my chili, as these were very carb-heavy. This wasn’t hard either, it just involved a lot of pots. Very easy and rather straightforward, I would probably do this again, but probably when I have kids to feed and spoil. 😀

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