Sorry for the delay… Life’s been hectic. Lots of personal drama, lots of work, and of course, this economy. But I’m still trying to get stuff up, and will continue to do so… even though not many ppl actually read this….

I have some pics here from a trip I was able to take to SF this past fall. Since I stayed the weekend, I was able to get the local sales guy to score me tix to the 49’ers game (Thanks, Josh)! For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been a 9ers fan since I was like 6. And this was my first NFL game I’ve actually attended. The 9ers played the Patriots (yes, I know I live in Boston now…) and unfortunately lost, but during the halftime they retired Steve Young’s jersey!

Finally the local engineer drove me to Sacramento to work at a customer, and I saw this sign on the drive up… so on the way back, I had him turn around and we drove past the sign again, just so I could take a pic. Let’s all thank Mike for humoring me 🙂


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