Weekend in Napa

So I think I lucked out this past weekend… I was only supposed to be in San Fransisco’s bay area for a few days. I flew in on Mondy and was supposed to fly back home on Saturday, but there was a problem in getting gear to one of our customer sites. So I was able to extend my trip and fly back on Wednesday. however for the weekend I was able to get a hotel at the end of Napa Valley and visit wine country.

It sorta sucks being at a really nice place by yourself, and (again) no girlfriend, so I decided to go on a group tour. the first place I called was Platypus tours, but they were all booked solid for the next week or so. But I was able to get on Napa Valley Wine tours. I would highly recommend them, and if you go, ask for Lawrence. He’s a nice friendly guy, and the next time I come back (and I will be back) I’m going to ask for him again. We went to 9 wineries in total, Black Stallion, Hagafen (an Israeli winery right next to the Iranian winery, go figure), the Andretti winery (owned by ex-racecar driver Mario Andretti), Trefethen (one of the oldest wineries in Napa), Montecello (named after Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello), Silverado (the winery owned by Walt Disney’s daughter and the heir to See’s candy), Plump Jack Winery, Domaine Chandon (a lot of sparkling wines), and finally the Laird Family Estate. I had so much wine. However the best wines I think I had here was actually from the winery I visited the day I arrived in Napa, Cuvaison. Cuvaison had an outdoor seating area where you could taste the wines and they were all incredible, with gorgeous views. I bought 12 bottles to take home, but unfortunately they don’t ship to Massachusetts, so I have to check them in on the plane.

Anyway see some of the gorgeous scenery:

[inspic=229,left,fullscreen,thumb,:Napa1] [inspic=230,left,fullscreen,thumb,:Napa1] [inspic=231,left,fullscreen,thumb,:Napa1] [inspic=221,left,fullscreen,thumb,:Napa1] [inspic=222,left,fullscreen,thumb,:Napa1] [inspic=223,left,fullscreen,thumb,:Napa1] [inspic=224,left,fullscreen,thumb,:Napa1] [inspic=225,left,fullscreen,thumb,:Napa1] [inspic=226,left,fullscreen,thumb,:Napa1] [inspic=227,left,fullscreen,thumb,:Napa1] [inspic=228,left,fullscreen,thumb,:Napa1]

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