Yay for bandwidth!

I got Verizon FiOS this past weekend and it’s jetting!


I doubt you all care what else happened since InterOp, but if you do, click “more”.

Since the end of InterOP, I’ve been doing more travelling; the training manager came to me the wednesday after at 2pm and asked me to fly out to DC that night. Apparently the current trainer lost his voice all of a sudden and they were training the Executive Office of the President (yes, the white house, people). So I flew down and was thrown in the middle of a course, but I think I got them up to speed on how everything works. I also was there the following week to train another customer, EDS (who was aquired by HP during the course).

Now I’m back in Boston, not doing much over this Memorial day weekend (most of my friends are out of the country, believe it or not) and figured I’d put something up here.

2 Responses to “Yay for bandwidth!”

  1. James Wald says:

    You didn’t get 20mbps symmetrical?? Come on you cheapo! I guess I can’t blame you though, I hardly use that kind of bandwidth these days.

  2. Gobo says:

    20/20 was like an additional $50/month… and as little as i’m home, I don’t think i’ll actually use all that much….

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